All the sweetness of sugar.

(None of the bad stuff.)

Meet Resugar Synergy: the all-natural, 1:1 sugar substitute that your consumers will actually love.
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up to
less sugar
up to
fewer calories
all natural ingredients

“Many consumers today are looking for products that will provide them with an experience without compromise in taste and texture, yet with a low caloric value. The addition of Resugar to the 99 calorie series allowed us to launch a very tasty product with a sugar content of less than 10%. This is a winning combination.”

– Ariel Elhadef, Chief Technologist at Nestlé-Froneri
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In a different class vs. existing sugar substitutes

Resugar synergy
No-compromise solution.
Guilt-free goodness, with the exact same sweetness profile and mouthfeel as sugar.
Clean labels.
Deliver the products your consumers love – without HFSS labels or other harmful ingredient labels.
Identical properties.
The exact same industrial properties and chemical behavior as sugar.
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