We are dedicated to empowering the minds and bodies of our customers with transparency and sustainability in all that we do – from raw ingredients to sourcing to production. No gray areas, no compromises.

Resugar’s Clean Label

Know exactly what you are feeding yourself. With our clear and clean label, no longer be mystified by ingredients or kept in the dark by questionable sources.

Natural Goodness

We believe in the power of nature to provide the best for your health. Crafted with care using only ingredients you can trust.


Resugar contains inulin, 
a prebiotic dietary fiber proven to help maintain 
a healthy microbiome and promote gut-health.


We prioritize nutrition – sourcing only natural and safe ingredients.

Clean & Simple

Containing ingredients from just 3 food groups, you know exactly what you are feeding your body – pure and simple.

No Sugar Alcohols

We care about your health, which is why our product is free from sugar alcohols. Enjoy the sweetness without compromise.

Health goes far beyond the food itself, but how we cultivate it. Our health is intertwined with our planet’s - Resugar is dedicated to taking care at every step with our promise 
to a ultra-low carbon footprint.

Resugar’s vision is to look towards the future to provide sustainable nutrition and offer solutions within a circular economic supply-chain. No wasted resources, with as much reusable energy as possible.

Resugar utilizes natural extracts and employs physical blending, and it doesn't contribute to additional carbon emissions. The reduction of sugar by up to 70% directly decreases the carbon footprint associated with sugar production.

We are proud to be 100% biodegradable, unlike other artificial sweeteners.
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We believe that quality can be accessible and sustainable.

Our mission is to make life a lot sweeter by actively transforming the food industry from the inside-out. As a company, we bear the responsibility to further the development of sustainable practices and to create a positive impact on the world. At every level.

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By developing solutions to bring positive 
change to the region we are working within.
By developing a circular model of productions, 
we aim to lower our waste in compliance with 
a 1.5 degree industry target.
People are the foundation of everything we do, with fair trade and employment as our core principles.

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